Symphony Irvine

Mr. RICARDO MICHELINO was born in São Paulo - SP Brazil. He started studying the saxophone with Geraldo Vedovello in Mogi Guaçu – SP Brazil with the enthusiastic encouragement of his parents, Antônio and Cleusa.

Later, he graduated from the Tatuí Conservatory with a degree in saxophone and then studied conducting with Roberto Farias at Tom Jobim University, São Paulo. He conducted the Banda Sinfônica de Americana in São Paulo (UNASP - CAMPUS 2).

Mr. Michelino earned a postgraduate degree in conducting from UNASP – SP where he has been a teacher since 1999, and in 2015, he earned a master´s degree in Social Communitarian Education from Centro Salesiano os São Paulo – UNISAL.

Always very influential in several musical genres from erudite to popular, Mr. Michelino worked as a saxophonist with several big icons of Brazilian music including Agnaldo Rayol, Pena Branca & Xavantinho, Sá & Guarabira, Mato Grosso e Mathias, Sandy & Junior, Toquinho, Chico César, Leo Gandelman, and Derico Sciotti to name a few.

In 2010, he developed Projeto Retreta, a musical education program for several public schools in Artur Nogueira – SP. This program provided free musical education to about 950 students. The goal was to facilitate the social inclusion of children and young and adults through music, regardless of their social and community background.

In addition to being a conductor and teacher, Mr. Michelino is a renowned saxophonist and flutist, and has numerous performance and recording credits to his name. As a speaker, he travels all over Brazil giving workshops on the use of orchestras and bands within the framework of social education.